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Losing Weight in the New Year

Diet Health

Losing Weight 101

The Facts

1 lb=3500 calories

To lose 1 lb/week=500 calorie deficit/day

To lose 2 lb/week=1000 calorie deficit/day

What does burning an extra 500 calories look like?

Well on average:

• 1 hour of Running at a moderate pace

• 1 hour of Cycling at a moderate pace

• 30 minute intense Kettle Bell Workout

• 1 hour of Swimming

• 45 minutes of HIIT training

• 90-120 minutes of Walking (brisk to moderate pace respectively)

• 120 minutes Strength Training moderate intensity

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    Starter Diet Tips for Success

    • Eat 5 servings of vegetables/day- They are low cal and they will make you too full to eat junk
    • Drink 8 Cups of water/day- often we think we are hungry but we are actually thirsty
    • Get all refined sugar out of the house if you cannot control the temptations, your kids don't need it, your partner doesn't need it so just throw it out
    • Eat protein at every meal, it doesn't have to be meat. Protein takes longer to digest than carbs and leaves you feeling fuller for longer
    • Don't restrict yourself - by that I mean if you starve yourself, you will end up binging and eating more calories then you originally would have in the first place
    • Enjoy what you eat- Why bother eating something you don't like because it is healthy? Pick the healthy foods you do like to consume and it'll be easy to continue with.
    • Ditch the liquid calories and opt for water. If you have to drink coffee or tea drink the black, even the one milk or one sugar add calories, which in themselves aren't a lot, will add up over time.
    • Don't drench your food in dressing and sauce, they just add calories like no tomorrow, opt for spices or if you're cooking is that bad, take some lessons.
    • Look at your portion sizes of your carbs- have you ever seen what 1 serving of pasta looks like- on average it's 1 cup of pasta, that is not the whole plate
    • If you are still not losing weight- only once you master these steps almost every day, then do you need to look at counting calories

    Way to Cut Calories from Diet

    On average:

    • 1 Sugar in coffee= 45
    • 1 Cream in Coffee= 40 cal
    • 1 Medium Double Double= 170 cal
    • 1 Beer (1 bottle of Keith’s)=150 cal
    • 1 can of Coke= 140 cal

    The Secret to Losing Weight Fast

    Don't do it. Just don't. You hear all these success stories of dropping weight over night. But what they don't show you is what happens a few months or even a few weeks down the line- SPOILER ALERT, those who drop weight rapidly gain all that weight back and usually even more. Not from lack of control but for 2 simple reasons:

    • The conditions need to lose that weight are not maintainable (starving) and people fall back into old patterns of eating which is why you need to make a life style choice.
    • Severe restriction of calories alters your metabolic state of survival into retaining calories instead of burning them when you starve yourself.


    Eat right, and don't forget to checkout our Home Workout Collection to help ensure you stay on track this year!

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